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What is Rafting

Will I enjoy rafting?
There are many kinds of rafting trips and the important thing is to choice the right trip for you. Of course, there are people who don't enjoy rafting- if you have water activities and the outdoors, then stop right here!
Note that it is not necessary to be able to swim, but swimmers are probably more relaxed, comfortable and safe in this alien watery environment.

Why go rafting?

  • The rivers of Nepal take you away from the busy trekking routes and penetrate the heart of rural, road less, unspoilt Nepal.
  • Rafting offers an attractive alternative to trekking, something to note if don't enjoy walking. It also complements trekking, in that you see the country form a difference viewpoint.
  • Rafting 'leaves no footprints’, has minimal ecological effect, and causes little disruption to the social patterns of local life.
  • Rafting gives you the unique and enjoyable experience of river travel and if you wish, the exhilarations of running white water.
  • There can be few better ways of viewing wildlife, than from a boat.

White water or flat water?

Rafting has this image of crashing through horrendous rapids and monstrous waves and, yes, at times of high flow, in the monsoon, this may be justified. But, at most flows there are many class 3 and class 4 rivers of moderate difficulty and also many and so many rivers of class 1 and 2 where you can float along admiring the scenery and running a few very small rapids. Rafting in Nepal is a superb experience in it's own right- the thrill of running white water rapids is the cream on the cake for those who enjoy it.
Most people are naturally a little bit apprehensive if they haven't been on white water before, but after the first rapid are 'hooked' – as long as people are physically fit and not scared of water they can safely go on water of class 1 to class 3 easier water and long stretches in between the rapids in which to relax. For more difficult and exciting class 4 rivers people should be active, confident in water and preferably have some previous rafting experience.

Time of Year

As we explain elsewhere, the time of year always makes a big difference to the difficulty of water. After the monsoon in September, water volumes are huge and all rivers much more difficult or too dangerous. From mid – October onwards the weather is settled and this is high season for rafting. Winter months are clod, so this is a better for shorter trips. The summer season from March to May has lower flows but warmer temperature.

Paddle rafting versus oar powered rafts

Any raft can be paddle, or rigged with an oar frame and rowed. Each of propulsion has its advantages and appeals to different people.
With an oar-powered raft the Guide sits in the middle and rows it down the river, maneuvering in rapids using 'ferry glides'. – This gives him or her time to react. Often one or more oar rafts are lighter, more maneuverable and more fun. Any passengers normally ride on the front of the raft, relax and enjoy the scenery.

Paddle rafting

Is all about group participation and teamwork all (or most) of the raters have paddles, propel the raft down the river and maneuverable it though the rapids with the Guide wielding a steering paddle at the back of the raft is a lot of fu, challenging, and builds a great team spirit; but on a difficult river it can also be had work at times.
One thing to note is that on both paddle rafts and oar rigs you spend quite a lot of time drifting along quietly, letting the current do the work and enjoying the scenery and wildlife.


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