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Ten years ago, if you said to anyone that you were going padding in Nepal most people would think that you were on some depth-defying expedition. But slowly the Message has spread around that you don't have to be some hairy, aquatic Govilla to paddle here, rather that Nepal is a paradise for the average with water recreational boater on a limited budget- as one Kiwi group said: 'any prdomaur
dude can do it". Nepal is an exotic friendly country with many white water rivers, easy as well as more difficult, but it can be particularly recommended for it's magnificent multi-day trips.

Play boating and Kayak Rodoes

Nepal has really taken off as one of world's premier play boating destinations. With many of the top world Kayakers coming here to play, hang our, and do trips as safety boaters.

The other big change over the last few years has been the number of local Nepalese taking to the sport, normally of course associated with their work as raft awesome kayakers! There's a team from Nepal taking part in their first would Kayak Rodeo in New Zealand in 1999, but of course they've taken part in local Rodeos since the first one in Nepal in 1973.

It should be stressed that Kayak Rodeos in Nepal are mainly about having fun and partying, so don't come out here if you're looking for strict competition! Events have varied each year in their dates and venues, but there is normally at end of the main season in early December, and this acts as a great get-together and Party for kayakers from all over the world. Check out the main company web sites & the kayaking magazines for dates and venues.

Tips planning for a Kayak trip

Best months for kayaking are probably November and March.

  • Try to travel to Nepal with a couple of kayaking friends- you will meet other peddler from all over the world, but it's nice to have a nucleus of swimming partners.
  • If it's your first time to Nepal then it's best to do a raft-supported trip as a warm up to get used to the power of Himalayan Rivers. Popular choices are the sun kosi or Kali Gandaki.
  • Then, if you've never done a self-supported trip before, pick an easier river than you would normally paddle so that you can really enjoy the experience.
  • Trips as a safety kayakers are now harder to come by, normally only early season and then only if you have previous big water experience.
  • If you're just coming for 2-3 weeks it's probably best to hire a kayak (there now about 150 available in Kathmandu and Pokhara, longer than this and it probably best to bring your own boat.
  • Even if you manage to fly your boat free to Nepal, don't expect or rely on bear able to take it home free- the airline agents in Kathmandu are not bound anything your home country's agents may have said.
  • You can probably sell our boat in Kathmandu, but perhaps not for what it worth back home- typically, a modern kayak in good condition will fetch $400.
  • If you're looking for Big Water paddling then come in the monsoon month or early in the season.

Kayak Course

Kayak schools are a recent development in Nepal as travelers, often people who have tried kayaking on a rafting trip, have begun to realize that Nepal is perfect place to learn to kayak. Most clinics start with a half-day introduction on Phewa Lake in Pokhara, and then move on to a relaxed descent of the nearby Seti River with another four days' practice and paddling with rafting support. Typical price for a five-day course is around $300, which includes tuitions, gear, food, transport, raft support and camping. That is great value, with the added attraction of being able to causally mention that you learned to kayak in the Himalayas!

These kayak clinics are mainly aimed at the beginner kayakers, someone who has been in a kayak before but wants to learn to handle moving water, however they are also quite popular with intermediate kayakers who want to revise rusty skills and build confidence in a relaxed supportive environment.

More advanced courses are not currently available in Nepal but will no doubt develop. Most commercial rafting trips are escorted by safety kayakers-% some of these are the world's best play boaters, who will normally be happy to give you coaching tips. It is also usually possible to hire a local kayak guide to accompany your group and show you the best play spots, and if you have organized a raft-supported trip then this is often included in the package.

Those who find that kayaking always leads so swimming the rapids might want to try a more direct approach to river running and sign up for one of the Hydro speed clinics that are organized in Nepal.


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