Peak Climbing
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Peak Climbing in Nepal
33 of Nepal’s peaks have been designated as ‘Trekking Peaks’. The Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) issues permissions for expeditions to these with very simple formalities. The NMA was founded in 1973 with the objectives of promoting mountaineering activities in the Nepal Himalaya, safeguarding the interests of Nepalese involved in expeditions by upgrading their professional and mountaineering skills, popularizing mountaineering activities among Nepalese students and youths, and creating awareness, both at national and international levels, of the need to preserve the beauty of the Himalaya for future generations. Some Trekking Peaks are easy ‘walk ups’, but others are technical and can sometimes be dangerous. In general a team of guides, porters, kitchen crews and both kitchen and camping gear are necessary to undertake expeditions to these peaks.

Popular Peaks
Name of Peak
Max. Height
Island Peak
Mera Peak
Kwangde Ri
6011 m.
Kusum Khangaru  
Pokhalde peak  
Ramdung Peak
Pisang Peak
Pachemo Peak
Naya Kanga
Chulu Far East
Chulu west
Tharpuchuli peak
5663 m
Shinga Chuli peak
6502 m
Mardi Himal
Naya khanga
Yala peak
5732 m
Lobuche West
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