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Royal Shukla Phant Wildlife Reserve

This wildlife reserve is situated in the extreme south-west of Nepal. The name of the park is derived from the largest of these grasslands which is known as Sukla Phanta. The park area is 155 sq kms. and would be 305 sq kms. after the completion of its extension. Sukla Phanta's grassland is one of the last remaining habitat for such threatened animals as the hispid hare and the pygmy hog. Besides these, Sukla Phanta is the stronghold for another endangered animal, the barasingha, or swamp deer.

Other wildlife of the park included spotted deer, also seen in large numbers, hog deer, nilgai, wild dog, jack-al, porcupine and otter. The park and the adjoining for-est is the territory of small number of tigers which because of open terrain, are not uncommon to sight on the prowl. Wild elephants have also been sighted in the park.

A stop at the Rani Tal is a must. This small lake attracts birds and animals alike. Herons, ducks, storks, kingfishers and egrets vie for food and swamp deer wallow at the edges. From a nearby machan one can watch while thousands of water fowl mingle on the lake surface while it is not uncommon to see hundreds of swamp deer grazing at the water-edge in the evening light. The experience is unique.

Other ways to view wildlife in the park is by driving in landrovers near the lake and river and on nature walks with trained trackers

  • Entry Fee Per Person Per Day:
  • For Nepalese Nationals, Rs. 20/-
  • For SAARC Nationals, Rs. 200/-
  • For Other Foreign Nationals, Rs. 1000/-
  • (Note: Entrance fee not required for children under 10 years).

There are air links Kathmandu via Nepalgunj to the nearby Mahendranagar airstrip. There is a bus service from Nepalgunj and Kathmandu. The best time to visit from October to April.

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