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Staying helthy

Ways to help lessen chance of getting AMS:
When planning your itinerary NEAT takes into consideration the altitude and other factors to lessen the chance of getting AMS.
Altitude gains-your trek is designed to gain around 600 meters (vertical) altitude daily.
Acclimatization - rest days are included in itinerary to help body adjust to new altitude.
Each trekker must accept responsibility too and trek slowly - observe the pace at which the porters walk. There are no worthwhile prizes for getting to destination in record time - generally AMS.

Treatment: Mild symptoms - staying at same altitude may resolve symptoms. If little or no improvement, descend to lower level.
Severe (HAPE + HACE) - descend immediately, as failure to do so could result in death. If symptoms persist you may need to be portered to nearest medical facility or evacuated by helicopter.

Predeparture Planning
Staying Healthy
Water Purification
Medical Problems & Treatment
Prevention of AMS
Treating Neplis
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