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Mention Nepal, and most people will conjure up images of the Himalaya. Indeed, eight of the world's 10 tallest peaks are located here. The comntry is, however, distingushed not only for for its high mountains, but also for its unique cultural heritage, artistic monuments and exotic wildlife, which are reflected in the kingdom's languages, achitecture and biodiversity.

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 This experience is on you will never forget. Here, you will find that many of your  ideas,  beliefs and thoughts about life will be challenged. Walking and climbing  in  the  Himalayas, rafting on the river, exploring the jungle or meeting the  Nepalese with their  unfailing hospitality, you will be refreshed both 'outwardly'  and 'inwardly' More
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Special Offer > Spring 2004
Dudh Kunda 15 Days
Round Dhaulagiri 19 Days
Bhairab Kunda Trekking 10 Days
Everest High Pass 20 Days
Panch Pokhari Trekking 12 Days
Mera Peak 21 Days
Tibet Tour 08 Days
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