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Trekking in Tibet
Tibet is a territory of inscrutability, adventure and spirituality; a home of legends, long closed to the outside world. However, in 1980, Tibet's doors were inched open, giving the world its first glimpse of the country's breathtakingly beautiful landscape. Today, visitors are drawn to the country's spectacular Buddhist temples, ancient cities, enduring traditions and spectacular mountain scenery.

Climate & Trekking Season in Tibet
Tibet is high altitude and the atmosphere allows the sun's solar radiation to strike the earth with unusual intensity. To protect your eyes and skin, you'd better to bring the sun-cream, sunglasses, lip creams and balms are also sold with SPF ratings, zinc, oxide creams provide 100% block out. Generally, from April to October is the best season for the Tibet tour. But, that is really depends on your route and depends on weather. Tibet tour schedule is quite comfortable, because in winter the tourist, rushes is not much and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery freely.

We offer many different types of tour to Tibet, with a variety of hotels depend on your recommend. What's more, as we appreciate that a visit to this special country is a highly personal experience. And also, we can also arrange a tour to meet your specific needs. For the more information on tours to Tibet please contact us.

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Nepal Tibet Highlight
Simikot - Kailash Manasarowar
Tibet Everest Adventure Trekking
Tibet Zinjing Trekking
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