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Tibet - the "Roof of the World" - is a most unusual and beautiful place. Since Tibet has remained forbidden for centuries, curiosity has dragged many people to go visit and explore this remote and rugged land - almost dry at all. Lhasa - the capital of Tibet - offers you spectacular views of the ancient Monasteries, Turquoise lade and culture from a lost horizon.

The Tibetan people and their religion have been inseparable. Even in their earliest myths one finds references to Tibetan religious beliefs. Originally, the Bon religion dominated Tibet. After the introduction of Buddhist statues and, later, Sanskrit documents from India, Buddhism crept increasingly into Tibetan culture. Tibetan Buddhism is the culmination of some early Bon beliefs, Indian Buddhist texts, and several great Lamas. The legendary Potala Palace, the ancient seat of the Dalai Lama - spiritual leader of the Tibetan Buddhist is the central focus to the visitors.

Our tours to Tibet vary depending on travelers' need and time available at their disposal. We operate from a short four days trip, 2 or 3 weeks Mt. Kailash and Manasarovar Pilgrimage trek to month long expeditions (see to our climbing and expedition program in Tibet). Hotels and foods en-route will often substantially basic. So, it is still a pioneering adventure and travelers should be physically fit and healthy by virtue of long drive through the hillside and high altitude.

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