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Environmental Issue

A general advice to trekkers is to leave only footprints and take only photographs. However, the recent developments along trekking trails have been of concern to environmentalists and locals alike. The sprouting of teahouses along trekking trails demand wood for construction and fuel, which has led to deforestation. In addition, the amount of waste has increased awareness on the part of trekkers and local people, this trend is changing. However, message still needs to be passed across for a more environmentally sound trekking. For vigilant trekking the following rules must be followed:

  • Ensure that your trekking company supplies sufficient kerosene or gas for cooking.
  • Dispose biodegradable waste properly and carry non-biodegradable waste out or dump them in properly constructed waste pit.
  • Ensure that campsites are left clean and that toilet pits are properly filled in after use

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