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Nepal is a safe destination 
Visiting British journalists have said despite negative coverage on Nepal internationally, Nepal is a safe and secure tourist destination.

They were speaking at a press conference at NTV in Kathmandu after assessing the actual situation in the country.

During the course of their stay in Nepal, the British journalists visited various major tourism destinations and garnered their own first hand information about the tourism potential and the existing safety and security situation in the country. The British journalists visited Kathmandu, Nagarkot, Pokhara and Chitwan.

“Most of them realized the overall security situation of Nepal is conducive enough to run any type of tourism activities within the major tourism destinations.” NTB said.

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) had invited the British journalists under familiarization (FAM) trips with a view of re-orienting them on Nepal’s tourism potential and updating the existing situation.

The NTB has been carrying out such trips with objectives to promote the deteriorating tourism industry to journalists from countries with major tourism prospects. Such trips are cost effective ways of destination promotion and the NTB has already hosted such trips to over 300 journalists, NTB said.

Earlier in March, NTB invited 8 journalists from Mumbai, 5 from Bangalore, 10 from Delhi, 5 from China, 2 from Hong Kong and 1 from Thailand for the FAM tour.

The trip was organised by Raj Ram Giri, general secretary of Friends of Britain and Nepal in collaboration with Hotel Association Nepal (HAN).


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