nepal treks, trekking in nepal, nepal trekking
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nepal treks, trekking in nepal, nepal trekking
Khaptad National Park
Establish : In 1984 A . D.

Area : 225 sq. kms.

Location : The Park is located in the mid – mountainous region of for – western Nepal.
Vegetation : The flora of the park can be divided into three basic vegetation zone’s subtropical, temperate and subalpine.

Wildlife :The p[ark provides habitat for some 20 different species of animals. Common ones include barking deer, wild boar, ghoral, Himalayan black bear, yellow throted marten, musk deer, leopard and langur monkey.

Birds : The Park is a home to 266 species of birds inclunding, Impeyan pheasant, Partridge, Bulbuls, Cuckoos and Egles etc…….

Activities :
Trekking and Nature tours.

  • An entry fee has to pay at the park’s entrance gate.
  • All flora and fauna are fully protected and must not be disturbed.
  • Do not purchase illegal animal or plant products.
  • Carry out non biodegradable items such as plastic & bottles.
  • Place trash in rubbish bins.
  • No one should walk within the park between sunset and sunrise
  • Respect religious and cultural sites.
  • Camping in side the park should be made only at the designed areas.
  • Visitors should be self sufficient in fuel supply (kerosene) . The use of firewood is strictly prohibited.
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