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Nepal’s popularity as a tourist destination has increased vastly over the last three decades. so have infrastructure and the possibility of visiting the far-flung parts of this mountain kingdom. Today tourism is the major foreign exchange earner for the country and employs/engages a sizeable number of locals. Nepal has now emerged a sizeable number of locals. Nepal has now emerged as a destination that prides itself on offering the best of services to traveler and tourist, suiting a whole range of budgets and offering multiple possibilities to explore this land.
Adventure tourism here dates back to the early attempts to scale the world’s highest peaks. It has come a long way since. While trekking, mountaineering and game watching have long been popular, an entire range of other possibilities have been explored in the recent years-rafting, biking, fishing, rock climbing, paragliding, ultra-light aircraft, hot air ballooning, maintain flight, boating, pony teaks, jet scooter, boating and bungy jumping.
This varied landscape has some of the best sites for these activities, ranging rivers to run, mountains to scale, clear blue skies, challenging treks, fine lakes and rivers to boat, fish and raft down and a wild terrain to ride. Come be part of this experience. Come get a hormonal high.
Hot air ballooning in Nepal is something that many travelers have written home about. In the five years since its flight, the sport has been very popular with tourists, for it affords the most spectacular view the Himalayan ranges towering n the background. On a clear day, it is a superb way to view the Himalayas (from over 6000 m up), and the view of the valley is equally breathtaking.
The huge balloon comes to life in the morning light, “a sleeping giant decorated with the all-seeing eyes of the Buddha”, as it ripples stretches, expands and readies itself for its load of passengers. The departure is gentle and one hardly feels the ascent. The advantage of this ancient and romantic from of flight is that there is no whirring or whining of engines, nor any airplane wings to obscure the most magnificent of views. Like the agency puts it, “Even if you do not climb Mt. Everest, from the perfect softly and comfort of a wicker basket, you will feel that you have reached the top of the world in effortless security.” Cool!
The best months for a hot air balloon flight are October-November and March, although the season extends from October to april. The flight take place daily during the season, and are dependent on the wind for its direction (eastward or westward across the valley). The landing could be anyplace mostly in the terraced paddies that stretch out across the fringes of the valley, usually attracting a large impromptu gathering of villagers checking to see what has fallen out of the sky!

The trip
The balloon takes off from Thimi, near the historic town of Bhaktapur, one of the three erstwhile principalities of the Katmandu valley and in many ways the most medieval. From there, depending on which way the wind blows, it takes you on a trip that gives you a bird’s eyes view of Katmandu and the valley.
The cost of the hour-long ride—hotel transfers and breakfast at a Thamel restaurant included is $195 per person. Each trip can carry 12 passengers. The flights are manned by a team of much-decorated balloon pilots.
Reservations for a balloon flight can be made over the phone or through a travel agent in Katmandu ( or hotel concierge ). They can be purchased by traveler’s cheque, credit card or cash. Tickets must be purchased a minimum of three days before the flight, and the company notified about your place of stay. On the day before the scheduled flight, the company will inform you of the pick-up time.

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